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Belarus Republic, Minsk
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Bobrovskiy Vadim
IT Supervisor


  • Minsk Entrepreneurship College - Economist of small and Medium Businesses (2008-2011)
  • Institute of Economics and Crisis Management – Crisis Manager (2011-2015)


  • Participation in making key management decisions relating to the strategic and operational management of the company and formation of financial model of the company; implementation of business initiatives analysis: new projects, etc .; participation in the development of internal corporate policies, procedures and regulations, optimization of business processes;
  • Searching for new customers (B2B) with the development of business cooperation and the maintenance of the existing customer base, as well as consulting of clients about the IT products of the company (creation of websites, mobile applications), consulting and selection of the most appropriate equipment (computer equipment, telephone sets); controlling of financial capabilities of clients;
  • Approval of payments and control over financial flows of the company; control over the observance of financial discipline, timely and complete fulfillment of contractual obligations, expenses and receipt of income; coordination of contracts on the subject of feasibility and safety, of the correspondence to budget;
  • Experience in working with customers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine.