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“MTA Capital ltd”
Belarus Republic, Minsk
220030, Svoboda Square, 23
Office: 19

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Deputy director
Attorney of Law
Work experience in a managerial position: more than 17 years
Has number of academic works and articles.


  • 01.09.1993-30.06.1994 Minsk Belarusian Cooperative Union Technical College.
  • 01.09.1994 – 21.07.1998 International Institute of Labor and Social Relations
    Faculty of Law
    Specialty: Jurisprudence

Work experience:

  • Teaching at the institute (specialist on international commercial law, the basis of law, the law-making process, constitutional law)
  • General administration and management of commercial and operating activities of the company, including personnel management and personnel issues, ordering document management of the company; organization, management and control of business activities in the enterprise, team management, the development of motivation system.
  • Provision of business process execution and company performance standards, including the planning of annual, quarterly, monthly budgets and control of their execution, and analysis of key indicators of business development, the development and implementation of measures aimed at improving of the performance. Interaction with state management and control bodies.
  • Implementation of control over transactions and execution of contracts on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad, as well as the maintenance of pre-contractual and contractual relations.
  • Representation of the Organization on the stock exchange, auctions, contests, tenders and other forms of trade; pre-contractual and contractual relations; legal support of transactions, including Foreign Economic Activity.
  • Claims administration; amendments to the charter, reorganization of the company, the introduction of new members of society, exclusion of the participants of society, change of ownership, the sale of shares of the Company; document preparation and support activities related to bank operations.